About Elizabeth Marie & Company

From her enchanting children’s furniture shop in Chicago to her 20-plus years in interior design to her decades of collaboration with artisans, everything Elizabeth Marie touches is infused with an unmistakable artfulness. And art to Elizabeth Marie is not just something found  on the walls of museums but rather in the details of the home: in the curve of a chair, the weave of a fabric, or the thoughtful placement of your most-loved treasures.

Elizabeth Marie embodies this artful attentiveness and loving spirit in all her creations and work.


A Note From Elizabeth…

The intention candles you see on this site are created, crafted, and delivered with great care and a gentle spirit. 

It’s my hope that the incandescence of these candles brings you as much joy as it brings me in making them. It makes me so happy to think that somewhere there’s a flame burning, holding the light for you or someone dear to you––be it in prayer or in love or in silent vigil.